Who Am I?

I am Moira. I am a bookworm, flash fiction writer, and online activist.

I’ve always been the bookish type, and can quite quickly recognize typos and grammar errors. I get lost in books that intrigue me, and sometimes I write reviews. After having quite a few challenging experiences in my life, I decided to get into the habit of reading to protect my own mental health, and I’m reaping the benefits of that! My favourite genres are fantasy, mystery, and YA. I usually read on my days off, and the house is always nice and quiet because I don’t have children. So I lounge in my room and escape into other worlds. Other than being ridiculously bookish, I enjoy riding my bicycle, drinking coffee, and traveling down the rabbit holes of YouTube.

Writing flash fiction has become my outlet for all my past and current experiences. I’m not one who can plan and write a novel. That’s not how my brain works. The shortness of flash fiction makes it possible for me to commit to writing complete stories that are 500 words or fewer. Some of my stories have themes central to social progress, and some of them are holiday-themed. Others are childhood memories and stories from my grandmother that I want to preserve.

As an online activist I blog about pressing issues that many people may be afraid to write or speak about because of the very possible backlash they may incur. It’s necessary and therapeutic for me to use my voice as a descendant of indigenous people. I’m grateful for living in a country where I have freedom of speech, and during a time when descendants of indigenous people are more outspoken than ever before. There’s power in my voice.