My Small Business Story

In 2017 I started exploring the idea of building an online business, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Then a business coach messaged me on Facebook (which I am no longer on) with some interest in me. I responded, and within a matter of weeks, I was sliding down the rabbit hole that is known in the business world as a funnel.


I have to say, I was mesmerized by the live videos and motivational messages that came into my Facebook feed every day. Although they made a positive difference in many people’s lives, there was something about the messaging that didn’t resonate with me. I had yet to put my finger on it. All I knew was that I didn’t agree with the idea that having a nine-to-five job was a problem. I also didn’t agree that being an entrepreneur making six to seven figures was the solution.


Starting in January 2018 I took a long hiatus from the business coaching world to tune out all the drama, ads, and online chatter. It was time to get back in touch with myself. I devoted more energy to my day job, listened to music, did creative writing from time to time, and generally kept a low profile.


At some point I decided that no matter what, I would be true to myself and take pride in who I’ve become. Yet I still felt that being an introvert somehow prevented me from building and sustaining my own online business. Then I stumbled upon an introverted (and quite successful) online entrepreneur!


In August 2019 I had a fabulous conversation with that same entrepreneur. She affirmed my desire to offer proofreading services to bookish bloggers and writers. The chat gave me the chance to talk about who I am and how to create a business around my passion.


What I needed most was confirmation that it was indeed possible to start and maintain an online business without resorting to being noisy on social media, or being manipulative, or otherwise masking my personality with someone else’s. The obvious answer to that is yes, of course! I just needed to see it for myself.


Making the decision to carve out my own path and do business my way has been so liberating. I don’t use funnels or ads to promote my work. Rather, I prefer to have genuine, slow-paced, organic conversations with content creators online to find out how I can best meet their needs.