Why I Do This

It took me a long time to figure out what to do with my blog. After several months of tinkering with themes and posting just a little content, i was still unsure of what my target niche was. I still really can’t say I have one but I know one thing for certain–I need a sounding board for issues arising that needed addressing.


I knew I wanted to be an activist, but I also knew that standing in the streets and protesting, or any kind of public display of contempt, wasn’t for me. As a liberal I still wanted to make an impact, and I was inspired to write after watching Sarah Corbett’s TED Talk.


Everything from black power to LGBTQ+ rights is important to me because I fundamentally support human rights.


It’s important to shine a spotlight on antisocial attitudes and and unacceptable perceptions that are often hidden in plain sight. Sometimes the best way to do that is in writing, whether that is in the form of a letter to lawmakers or a thought-provoking blog post.


My intentions for my content is to make you think and to give you hope.